Earthsharing Devon

In place of land ownership.

Earthsharing Devon is a broad-based land movement.  We are a loose network of groups, organisations and people in Devon who are working to bring about a world where everybody can access the land and benefit from a fair share of the wealth of the natural world.  We believe that:

  • We do not own the earth, we belong to it. We have the responsibility to care for it.
  • We all have the right to secure tenancy of a fair share of the earth.
  • Everybody has an equal right to benefit from the natural world, so we have a duty to compensate others for this tenancy.

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The principles that guide us are that:

  • We advocate a just world that puts these beliefs in to practice.
  • We support any steps, however small, that help to get there from the world of land ownership.
  • We encourage all those who join us to support each other as they take these steps.

In practice the members of Earthsharing Devon:

Earthsharing Devon is part of the international Earthsharing network.  Earthsharing has been promoted by supporters of Henry George’s proposal that landowners should pay the market rent for their land into a fund to be used for the good of all (Land Value Taxation).

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