Developing the ideas

There are many possible ways to work towards our shared beliefs.  We provide opportunities for people to share and develop their ideas and find areas that they have in common.

We encourage and assist each other to write papers and books that describe our ideas and proposals.

Some recent publications that have advanced the political possibilities of a Land Value Tax include:

Resolution Foundation ‘Home Affairs: options for reforming property taxation, focusing mainly on council tax  and written by Adam Corlett (March 2018).

IPPR Report ‘The invisible land is hugely positive for LVT – unequivocally recommends replacement of NNDR by LVT.  Its other recommendation, to replace Council Tax by a proportional tax on property values, is also spot on as a major Stage 1 reform, albeit for not quite the right reasons. (August 2018).

Lib Dem’s report ‘Replacing business rates: taxing land not investment‘  by Adam Corlett was adopted at conference as party policy -a well-written paper which may make real contribution to the political landscape.  Well worth reading and promoting:

On August 11th the Economist devoted its first leader to LVT (you can read three articles a week for free if you log in) and an unbelievable 3 pages in its briefing section