Practical alternatives to land ownership

We recognise the need for a gradual transition from the unjust world of land ownership to our ideal.  There are ways in which we can begin this transition as individuals and groups, as well as ways that depend on convincing the government to act.


We are aware of one local organisation, the Abundance Food Community, that encourages landowners in South Devon who are not making full use of their land to share it with volunteers who cultivate it and retain the produce.

“The aim is to support land projects to get up and running, give our volunteers training and new experiences, and to provide them with a range of fruit and vegetables throughout the year. We want to create a localised, land-based social structure and community. We are collectively working to provide an alternative to corporate greed, and towards saving the natural environment for current and future generations of human and non-human life. We hope that this model will be used around the world.”

As an example one of the projects in the network is the Squash Co-operative who have a 3-minute video

The Land Projects Network is a very practical form of Earthsharing and we are keen for landowners and potential volunteers to know about what is going on.  We also hope that the model will spread in Devon and beyond.

Gifting rent for the common good

Vinoba Bhave, a follower of Ghandi, inspired the Land Gift movement in India which led to the gift of 5 million acres of land by landlords to landless people.  One of our local inspirations, Satish Kumar, was associated with him in this work.

Now conversations are beginning among a few Devon landowners about gifting some proportion of the market rent of their land to their local communities.  We call this ‘Paying our Dues‘.

This is a truly exciting development.

The change from the existing system whereby benefit from use of land is channeled to a few whom the legal system recognizes as title holders TO a future where benefit from the use of the land of the world is shared by the whole population of the world is happening.

There are now land registration methods that enable the freehold of land to be transferred to the whole people of the world.

This change will enable humanity to gain proper custodial membership of the land of this world

Watch this space, and do get in touch if you are a landowner who would like to join the conversations.