Spreading the word

We encourage everybody to think about, talk about and challenge existing property rights to land.

We seek to to strengthen understanding and co-operation between groups of people who have shared issues related to the land.

We promote conversations, online and face-to-face, among all those who are struggling with the way that our society currently thinks about property rights to the natural world.  These conversations focus on things like:

  • Housing that people can afford
  • Food-growing, seed banks
  • Living on the land
  • Sharing land-based skills and crafts

In practice the ways we go about this are:

  • Talks offered to schools and local groups of any sort. Please make contact if you would like a speaker
  • Letters to the press
  • Conferences and talking circles focused on land issues.
  • Music, singing, storytelling, performance and the arts focused on land issues.  We hope to promote concerts over next winter, with time for people to talk about land issues.  In 2015 we hosted a performance of 3 Acres and a Cow by Robin Grey, and Roly is keen to get together a group of musicians to develop something similar to inform and entertain people who may be interested in land issues.

Please make contact if you would like a speaker, if you would like us to bring together a conversation group or would like to join us in any way at all.