About us

Earthsharing Devon

…a broad-based land movement. We are a loose network of groups, organisations and people in Devon who are working to bring about a world where everybody can access the land and benefit from a fair share of the wealth of the natural world.

The principles that guide us are that:

  • We advocate a just world that puts these beliefs in to practice.
  • We support any steps, however small, that help to get there from the world of land ownership.
  • We encourage all those who join us to support each other as they take these steps.

In practice, the members of Earthsaring Devon:

  • Spread the word and raise awareness of land issues – locally, nationally and internationally.
  • Promote practical alternatives to land ownership – land-share and land-gift.
  • Take political action – local and national.
  • Develop the ideas – seeking a better understanding of property rights and what we can do about them.
  • Are a network of people who are voluntarily paying the ground rent of their land, a sort of voluntary Land Value Tax – making Voluntary Ground Rent contributions.