Voluntary Ground Rent

Making Voluntary Ground Rent Contributions

The Voluntary Ground Rent movement is founded on the principle that if owners of land pay a ground rent (equal to the market rent of the land but not its buildings) this will make currently underused land available for work and housing and create a more inclusive, rewarding and efficient economy.

The originators of Voluntary Ground Rent all believe that the world would be a fairer, more equitable and more economically efficient place if all owners of land and natural resources paid their dues.  We have all decided to start paying a proportion of our own dues in order to:

  • move beyond campaigning for Land Value Taxation to direct action
  • start something that could potentially take off and transform the global economy
  • show politicians that people will willingly pay dues on their land if they can see the benefits
  • stimulate conversation about the nature of ownership of land and how we raise public revenue.