Agrarian Justice by Thomas Paine

ISBN 978-0-244-60000-6

Available for around £6 including postage and packing from Lulu or (free) download

With an introduction by Julian Pratt, critique by Thomas Spence and the International Declaration on Individual and Common Rights to Earth.

This important pamphlet from 1797 proposes what would now be called Land Value Taxation and a Universal (Basic) Income. The introduction discusses its relevance today, while Thomas Spence’s critique (also published in 1797) delightfully attacks Paine for being insufficiently radical.

Proposal that Louisiana be purchased by Thomas Paine

ISBN 978-0-244-90066-3

Available for around £6 including postage and packing from Lulu or (free) download.

With An approach to resolving territorial conflict by Julian Pratt.

In 1802 Tom Paine proposed to the president of the USA that, instead of going to war with France over the territory of Louisiana, he should purchase the territory.  Within a year the deal had been done.

When it comes to disputes about territory and natural resources, are we missing a trick?  Could we make more use of financial solutions that compensate those who are excluded from the territory?  Would renting be more appropriate than purchase?

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